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All Wingman Bob albums are also available as streaming in Spotify, Rdio,Deezer, Tidal, Beats and so on

In 2014, Wingman Bob released “The Wingman Archives”, nearly one hour of guitar pop/rock songs, and now Wingman Bob are releasing The Second Batch, 11 more songs, The Second Batch, from the same archives as in 2014. Still melodic songs, covering mellow moments, easy listening and more complex pop/rock melodies! Still based on vocals, guitars, drums, bass and keys - The Second Batch pick up where The Wingman Archives left off.

The Second Batch of old pop rock songs from Wingman bob are soon finished recorded, songs originally written in the late 90 until mid 00. The songs are for the most part re-recorded to sound like the original Wingman Sound - lots of guitars, drums and organs, and based on melody and harmonies.

The Second Batch is to be released summer 2015!

may 30 - Still working on the coming album, 9 songs done, need a few more before completion!

This is "Fjells", meaning mountains in norwegian. Homemade video from my office.. The recording is available in Itunes etc.!

There are many official songs and demos for free listenings at All three Wingman bob albums are also in spotify 

Another song from the album "the Wingman Archives" - Years later Available for download in Itunes, Amazon and google play. Free listening in Soundcloud and Spotify!

NEWS..! Wingman Bob has slowly started new recodings for a coming album, the second batch of oldies for releasing this year.

A little Christmas preperation from me and my son, live from the livingroom!

3 songs from the Christmas concert with Siri Størseth, recorded with iphone..!

  • dec. 3. This week Im playing two christmasconcerts with Siri Størseth!

Lyrics video for Laughing, Dancing!

Little disco on the floor! For those who like that kinda stuff a rockn roller from the wingman archives album!

Rehersal, rehersal! Video of solo improvisations from my studio

one year anniversary of debut album The wingman files, by Wingman Bob! 

with songs One foot in the grave, Hair, Chasing the Tail and Deep black hole.

Wingman bob has released Summer picking`, a little guitar instrumental album with 13 small pieces of fingerpicking style music. All music is written by Hans Jacob Winge, except for Tom Dooley, not known origin and the philippine lullaby Ugoy ng Duyan written by Pedro and Celerio, both songs with HJW arrangements. The HJW originals are composed during the last 20 years and recorded summer 2014.

  • august 20, 2014, summer pickin`is available in google play!

  • august 18, 2014 Summer picking is on iTunes! 

Summer Pickin` backside cover

  • august 17, 2014, heres "after a long day"

  • august 12, 2014, Hide & seek from The Wingman Archives for listening in soundcloud!

  • july 13, 2014, another video of my composition; Forgotten and remembered

  • july, 12, 2014, heres a  little video om my composition; Air on a E String

  • july 4, 2014, more from the archives: Anyone?

  • july 3, 2014, another from the archives, little fun with Rock´n roll!

  • july 2, 2014, From the archives: Desperate!

  • july 1, 2014, in the series From the archives, here is "Tennessee" with Martin Mulholland on vocals, from 2003

  • may 25, 2014, Done recording, and mixing, just some finalization stuff left. heres the backside cover with credits:

  • may 2, 2014, Im still working on the coming album, working titled The wingman Archives. The songs are rerecordings of old songs hidden in the wingman vault. I have at this time 14 songs almost done, still doing some remixes and mastering.