Wingman Bob


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rehearsal rehearsal

ugoy ng duyan

After a long day

Forgotten and remembered

Air on a E String

tom dooley instrumental!

Ghost - Single from the album The Wingman Archives

Before sleep - little playing at night. (still not dark outside in may, norway..)

How the song Vacuum was created..! Then little playing in imovie. And heres the documentary about vacuum!

Playing with myself

Live recording in cubase of another guitarsolo from my guitarhero days. Second take.

Wingman bob - Power Ballade

Live recording in studio using cubase, of an old tune, just called: power ballade, (actually it has no name because its an improvisation). Its not my style of playing anymore but had to try just for fun.

Wingman Bob - One Foot in the Grave

song from the album; The Wingman Files

homemade video just for fun 

The "waiting for the student to show up rag". 

Tried to record it, but cant play right while filming.. gonna work on it. Maybe i will tune the guitar as well! 

A quick preview: songs from "the Wingman FIles"

the wingmanfiles teaser
wingman bob (The Wingman Files)
hans jacob (2011 productions)
metaphor remake
hans jacob (2011 productions)

Version two of my welcome to the world lullaby, birth gift to my son when he was born, and here we are singing duet on this very song! The kid was 3 yo at the time.

welcome part II
hans jacob (2013 productions)

All songs copyrighted hans jacob winge