Wingman Bob


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Recording Sessions

Wingman bob a guitarist/songwriter and producer, mainly on pop, rock and acoustic. Im working in my own studio located in Trondheim, Norway. On a daily basis i work as a guitarteacher covering most styles and levels.

I started playing guitar at the age of 13, I am selftaught and at the time i listened to heavy and classical music. Later i started listen to and play jazz, and finally im into more acoustic music and country. Im trying to merge all these different influences into my own music that I consider to be some kind of popmusic.

My first album in itunes, amazon, and googleplay, is called "the wingman files" by wingman bob, which is mainly acoustic pop, the songs were all made in 2013 (except Deep Black Hole, from 2001), and it is actually mostly demos, that were released in somewhat of a hurry when i got the opportunity to release it.

The second album, called "The Wingman Archives" are all old songs from 5 to 15 years old, never before released, they were all stuck in the Archives of my harddrive... Rerecorded and mixed from october to may 2014.

This time i got help from drummer Ketill Klæboe, on all songs, Cherrylene Clemente background vocals on A Good Thing, Stine Teigen, vocals on Laughing Dancing, and Berit I. Øverkil, violin on Going Down.

Everything is recorded in my home studio, Except for the drums, recorded in Bispehaugen.

The song - A minute for me, recorded in cubase

The Wingman Bobs have started recording the new album for release later this year. This time its some of the backcatalogue thats being processed.